How To Begin

Welcome to the world of safe and healthy baby diapering system- modern cloth diapering.

Cloth diapers not only saves your money and your environment around but also a safest ,skin friendly, hygienic diapering method .

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Our diaper consist of 2 parts –
1) Waterproof shell -For leak proof and size adjustments
2) Stay Dry feel –Inner soft lining keep baby’s skin dry
3) Inserts-Absorbent cloth material designed to be used inside Shells.

Types of diaper-

1) 1) Pockets- it has a pocket opening in which we keep the insert.

Its stay dry layer inside which touches baby bum to keep them dry.

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2)AIO- These diapers comes with an insert attached to the diaper

making it easy,quick and complete diaper. Allboutbaby special AIO comes with a detachable long insert which gives both stay dry and organic feel,ideal for both daytime and night time. You can define the absorbency by adjusting the long insert at different wet zone areas.

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3) Diaper Cover- This is a waterproof shell from outside with no layer inside and any insert (except Microfiber)can be placed inside which touch the baby's skin.

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4) Hybrids-High quality cotton shell and waterproof pouch to hold insert. This is one of the trim and breathable option which can be used multiple times by just replacing insert.

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5) Fitteds-It is a diaper where both shell and insert absorbs so protection all around. This is organic diaper which is not stay dry .Works as most breathable makes it ideal for sensitive skin, summer time dipes.

Ideal way to start with cloth diapering is -Choose 2-3 different diaper types or pre-packed trial kit to have a good start instead of failing with just one type while learning cloth diapering.

Adjust diaper to fit

Our one size diapers can fit from 5kgs of baby’s weight and can be adjusted to use till 15kgs of baby’s weight .Adjust the diaperas per baby physique using the snaps given on diaper

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