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Journey of Allboutbaby……………

Necessity is mother of invention so does is cloth diapering. There are always challenges for new age mom on how to deal with kids. Being in nuclear families you always look for help and support system. To ensure one such priority we have worked on diapering and brought in ease atleast in diapering issues. Modern cloth diapers are way forward. Amazing concept of cloth diapering which is going to be safest part of parenthood journey atleast till my little one is potty trained. It gives comfort of cloth and absorbency of disposables. It is completely organic approach to diapering. No rashes, No pollution and economical option.

Our Company:

Our Mission is to spread the Joy – Organic way. Me and my husband were so enthusiastic about this eco-friendly concept of healthy diapering that we brought up “Allboutbaby” as our second child.Our team is growing now from a husband-wife duo to a small team of some cloth diapering enthusiastic moms.These moms help beginners to start with cloth diapering journey smoothly and help us spread the joy to other parents. We are well supported by designer’s and mommies team to match up with international standards, unique patterns and prints to make your baby feel special, healthy and joyful.


Pooja, an engineering graduate who worked as software developer with leading U.S based MNC took this decision to venture into cloth diapering post experiencing this concept. It was her eternal love for cloth diapering which paved the way for this venture.

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